Unique Card Printer

Enter the world of plastic card printers, where you can easily and efficiently create custom plastic cards for personal or professional use! No longer do you need to rely on external services or wait for months to have cards printed with a plastic card printer from Plastic Card ID, you're in control. You choose what needs to be printed, what data or artwork gets included, and what encoding options are necessary. Offered alongside these fantastic printers are essential accessories like ribbons to make your printing experience even more enjoyable.

Plastic card printers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and capabilities. Understanding these differences will help you choose the perfect printer that suits your needs! Some of the main types of plastic card printers available include:

Single-sided printers, as the name might suggest, print on only one side of a plastic card. These printers are perfect if you need simple ID cards, membership cards, or access cards, where all the information can fit on just one side.

These printers, on the other hand, can print on both sides of a card simultaneously! If you require a professional-looking card with additional information on the back, such as a barcode, magnetic stripe, or a detailed description of the holder's access rights, then a double-sided printer is just the thing for you.

Magnetic stripe encoding is another popular feature among plastic card printers. By including a magnetic stripe on your card, your printer can write data directly onto the card and read it back as needed. This option is essential if you're interested in creating access cards or payment cards.

One of the primary perks of owning a plastic card printer is the ability to create cards with personalized and custom designs. A good plastic card printer will support a wide range of colors and design capabilities to ensure that your card stands out from the rest!

Why not take your cards to the next level with your company logo or other graphics? Many plastic card printers support high-quality printing of logos, graphics, and images, allowing you to create cards that align with your branding and aesthetic preferences.

Fancy printing photo ID cards for your employees or club members? It's entirely possible with a plastic card printer! By choosing a printer that supports high-resolution image printing, you can create professional-looking photo ID cards in no time.

If your cards need a barcode, look for a plastic card printer that includes this feature. Barcodes are an essential element for many businesses they help track inventory, manage access to facilities, and more. By printing your barcode directly onto the card, you can efficiently manage your systems without the need for additional equipment.

Plastic card printers often require additional personalization and customization accessories, ribbons being one of the most common. Ribbons are essential for creating various colors and effects on your cards! An essential accessory, ribbons work in tandem with your card printer to create the desired design, determine the print resolution, and more. Here are some of the most common ribbons and their uses:

For full-color cards with vibrant and eye-catching designs, invest in full-color ribbons! This ribbon type features several different panels used to render your images and text, ensuring that your card's colors are true and vivid. The most common full-color ribbon type is the YMCK (yellow, magenta, cyan, and black) ribbon, which is used to produce full-color prints.

If you're looking to print single-color cards, monochrome ribbons are the way to go. These ribbons are available in a range of colors, from simple black to bolder blues and reds. They're perfect for printing text-heavy cards or simple graphics like monochromatic logos.

Occasionally, you might require something more unique, like a holographic overlay or metallic-colored text. In these instances, specialty ribbons can help you achieve your desired effect. Search for ribbons that are specifically designed for your unique purpose and ensure your card printer is compatible with these specific ribbon types.

Plastic card printers (and their essential accessories) offer endless possibilities for personal and professional use. By investing in a Plastic Card ID plastic card printer, you can create custom, high-quality cards with barcodes, magnetic stripes, and a variety of other features to suit your needs. With a wide range of printer types, artwork options, and accessories like ribbons, there's a printer out there for everyone. Choose the perfect card printer and start enjoying the freedom of custom printing like never before!